STI College’s First Psychometrician

Our very first Psychometrician’s ultimate dream is to make the younger generations realize the importance of education. He stands as a living example of how rewarding it is to finish schooling – that no matter how challenging it may seem, if there’s a will, there’s a way.

At 35 years old, Leoven P. Gan, RPm brought pride to the entire STI community as one of the pioneers of AB Psychology (2017) in the institution. He took the Licensure Examination for Psychometricians last September 2017 and got to know the result in November of the same year. This meant he is STI College’s very first registered Psychometrician.

It was not an easy ride for Leoven. He coined himself as a lazy person with nowhere to go; but when he got married, his new life helped him realize his dreams. He understood that in order for him to instill the value of education to his future children, he must be able to prove it himself first. He also believes that learning is eternal and that with it, he can surely help people improve their lives. So he decided to go back to studying to fulfill his family’s hopes for him and to help more and more people have a deeper understanding of themselves as he does understand himself now.

Leoven is the kind who’s open for constructive criticisms. He also makes sure that he learns something new every day. He has good socialization skills and that’s why people in the campus trust him. A hard-working person, Leoven was a working student, a family man, and a diligent student.

Our congratulations goes to Leoven for his dedication in pursuing his dreams. The STI College Muñoz-EDSA community will forever be proud.

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