The Student Council, as the extension service of the college, is organized to develop creative, independent, responsible, and professional student leadership geared towards the development of the college and of the studentry, as well as of the society, and shall be the voice of the studentry for their legitimate needs, aspirations, and interests


Our Local Alumni Chapter is the first in Metro Manila to be recognized by STIAA-HQ. The Adviser of this association is Mr. Archieval S. Salvador


The main goal of the Organization is to promote to the students flair tending, bartending, and other activities pertinent to the skills which the organization aims to enhance. Part of the their mission are also to  establish alternative/extra-curricular activities for interested students and to produce students that will represent the school in various internal/external competitions related to our skill.


This organization is focused on establishing harmonious and professional relationships among members of the club to discover, train and to promote the acting skills and voice of the choir/member and to hone the acting, dancing and singing skills of STI College – Muñoz EDSA students that they could have applied in various ways in their work someday.


This organization aims to imbibe the culture and history of the Philippines by visiting the different historical landmarks and to observe the diferent Filipino traditions; to promote the Philippines as a major tourist destination among STI students; to promote learning and appreciation of the Philippine and World History; to create standardized and well-manage organization; to produce big impact that will create satisfying relation with the organization and its members; to be able to contribute a well-planned organization to the college; to be able to give value and respect to our heroes including their contribution, and to foster nationalism and patriotism among the Filipino youth.



To promote the travel and management program as of the prime program of STI College Muñoz EDSA and to develop the tourism skills of the members.


To promote the different faucets of responsible art and to provide venue for public appreciation.


This organization aims to produce professional front act dancers of the College. It also aims to discover, train and acknowledge the kniesthetic skills of our students.
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