More About Mr. STI 2017

“Hi, I’m Gerome L. Bongco, 20 years old. I am a sociable HRM student who hopes to become a cabin crew member in the aviation industry someday.”

This 5 foot 11 inches tall stunner wowed the entire Enchanted Kingdom last September 29, 2017 during STI College’s Talent Search and 34th Anniversary Celebration. His inspirational story will enchant you more.

Gerome lived in Kuwait with his family for almost five years to finish High School. He became well-versed with the English language and learned some useful expressions in Arabic. He loves playing badminton, hanging out with friends, working out, and playing the ukulele.

He seems a professional model with the way he looks, the way he walks, and the way he carried himself on stage. Mind you, this is his very first time to join a beauty pageant. Now you might be thinking… “Really? How come?! He looks like someone who’s been joining various beauty pageants already!” You’re right, he sure is a charmer. However, he used to weigh over 200 pounds, was a bit insecure of himself, and lacked self-confidence. It was only about five years ago when he decided that he would live a healthy lifestyle.

Now, Gerome eats only God-made food. He loves meat and greens and is not a fan of carbohydrates. Rice, pasta and bread are a no-no in his diet. He exercises regularly and can say to himself that he is now fit and healthy.

He is a living testimony that you can get what you want as long as you are determined to challenge yourself and go out of your comfort zone. Now more confident about himself, Gerome strives to be always at his best. He wants to enhance his communication skills more and acquire more skills that will help his reach for his dreams.

He thanks his close friends and relatives who supported and cheered him on, and his trainer and our School Administrator, Mr. Roel Almera for believing in him. When asked about what lesson he could share his fellow students, he said:

“Maintain a healthy mindset. Always be grateful for the things you have and never neglect the little things for they can be the best things. Most importantly, educate yourselves because education is the gateway to opportunity.”

Congratulations, Gerome Bongco! We are truly proud of you!

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