Conquering Crossroads


Have you ever stood on a crossroad, wondering about the fastest and easiest way to your destination? Guess what! It is not about the easiest nor the fastest way but the BEST way towards your goal, and we are glad to announce that STI College Munoz-EDSA can help you decide on the best way through our Career Guidance Program (CGP).

Our CGP is a fun, interactive workshop that helps the youth discover what they really want to become, and where they really want to be by answering the three essential questions on life: “Who I am?” “Where should I go?” and “How do I get there?” The workshop emphasizes the power of choice through games and group activities.

At the end of the workshop, the youth attendees were challenged to make wise decisions in life. This includes what track or specialization to take in Senior High School and the possible career opportunities in store for them. Hence, should they want to move further forward, they can do so by first believing in themselves, and knowing where and how to get to their desired place. It has been conducted to hundreds of youth from our partner schools like Francisco School, and partner organizations like Children International.

Above all, our students are our topmost priority and more empowerment workshops like this are held for them only here in STI College Munoz-EDSA where they not just conquer crossroads, but also be victorious in their run towards the finish line.

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