A Dream That’s Never Too Big

This man’s dream is indeed never too big. He wanted to finish college and no one’s stopping him. Even his being a High School undergraduate did not stop him in pursuing his plans for his life.

Reynante Manabat, Kuya Rey to us, has been part of the Maintenance Team of the school since 2008. Just two years ago, he took Alternative Learning System (ALS) and passed the test. He enrolled for BS Information Technology in 2015 and has shifted to BS Hotel and Restaurant Management (BS HRM) in 2016 in our campus.

STI College Muñoz-EDSA was inspired by Kuya Rey’s determination to reach his goal of graduating from College. That’s why we wish to extend the hope of the community by providing FREE ALS REVIEW to High School undergraduates 16 years old and above.

There is no dream that is too far nor too big. Take that leap of faith now.

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