E2E System

Enrollment-to-Employment (E2E) System

Establishing one’s career in today’s competitive environment has become an endless pursuit to most job seekers. Employers too are increasingly having a hard time finding the right person for the job. Too often, there remains a huge gap between the skills required by the industry and what a graduate has learned from school, hence job mismatch arises.

STI steps up to bridge this gap by introducing the world’s very first E2E (Enrollment to Employment) System.

The E2E System is a complete approach to human resource development, which aims to develop ICT-enabled professionals through innovative learning and career planning methodologies. It covers every student’s needs from the time he enrolls in STI up to the moment he applies for a job.

First, STI prepares the soon-to-be professionals with job market-oriented and highly-advanced curriculum through its unique Learning Systems Development. This standard is recognized by its top international affiliates.

To make sure that the courses being offered are carried out well, STI implements the Academic Delivery System. This guarantees highly qualified faculty and state-of-the-art across STI’s network of schools. To date, STI is the only school in the country that utilizes standard courseware and curriculum, providing world-class learning in over 100 STI schools here and abroad.

In order to prepare students in seeking the job they are qualified for, STI carries out Quality Assurance. This prepares students for employment through rigid assessment, evaluation, and certification programs. Thus, ensuring all STI graduates are equipped with all the knowledge and skills required in the workplace.

STI’s responsibility to its graduates goes beyond quality education. Through the assured Job Placement Assistance Program, STI warrants every graduate employment support with the help of I-CARES and premier international placement agencies like GROW Inc.

The Interactive Career Assistance and Recruitment System (I-CARES) is part of STI’s continuing commitment to provide employment opportunities for its graduates. It is an online career service system that provides assistance to STI students and alumni in establishing links with prospective employers. This also helps the school in monitoring the development of its alumni in their respective careers.

Global Resource for Outsourced Workers Inc. or GROW Inc. is one of the leading overseas recruitment and staffing agencies around the globe. It recruits, selects, and deploys highly skilled professionals in the field of ICT, business, healthcare, and education to meet the staffing needs of companies here and abroad.

STI’s E2E system will prepare you to succeed in your future career with applicable education, job market skills, job preparedness and job placement assistance – the essentials you need to face and triumph over real-life challenges in the working environment.


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